Hub Berlin

1. How big is the space of Hub Berlin, how many members can be there in the same time?

670 m², it is the largest one in size one in the world. More than 50 people can be there at the same time.


2. How many people was coming in the Hub before it was opened?

I did not get a clear answer to this one, but it can’t have been that many. I was lucky and could speak directly to one of the founders, and she said the biggest challenge in the beginning was to fill the room with life and people.

3. How many members are in there now?

150 in all tariffs (25%, 50% etc); unfortunately there were not many people there on Monday when I visited the HUB (see pictures)

4. What kind of challenges was there then when you opened the Hub? And what we can learn those challenges?

– to fill the room with life
– to have a well working IT
– to choose a legal entity of the HUB that works without long decision making processes
– To establish a well working book keeping /accounting system
– To choose the right space (not too small, not too big)

– Start profitable co-operations during the founding phase (so that is going on in the HUB from the beginning, and so that the HUB pays for itself)
– Hire an IT person to work in the HUB and be always approachable/reachable for the members, and buy a good IT system (tip:
– Do not establish the HUB as a registered cooperative (with 40 people in Board and Executive Committee), but instead have one operating manager as decision maker
– Buy a good bookkeeping software
– The space mustn’t be too big (as good example they named Rotterdam – small, but community feeling could be developed)

5. What kind of challenges are there now? What can we learn those challenges?

– €4,000 to 6,000 minus each month (big sum!)
– Not enough people coming to the HUB

– Putting well working administrative processes in place saves money!
– Getting the HUB space sold to people to use it e.g. for events is important


7. What did you learn with ”rented” host model (Iñigo Blanco)?

yes, works. They recommend: 2 hosts should be there at the same time.

8. How big is the value of social entrepreunership in the Hub Berlin?

The social aspect is not visible in all projects. In fact, to me, a ”social entrepreneurship” spirit did not really come across through the athmosphere in the HUB.

9. What kind of companies or projects is running over there?

– One person has developed an alternative financial system that is fair and transparent, offering special fonds and insurances
– One person is developing a record trade (approach: first establish the company, the social aspect comes later)
– One person is an Art Director, come from Chile and wants to support marketing and PR activities of companies in Germany that work towards building a sustainable future.

Hope this will help you!!

Till soon,


One response to “Hub Berlin”

  1. Jukka Siltanen says :

    Thanks for sharing these insights! Very good things to keep in mind for us.


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