Hub Finland network meeting in Tampere @ 5.3.2010

What’s up in da Hubs in Finland?

2nd Hub Finland network meeting took place in Tampere last Friday. We had Helsinki, Tampere and Jyväskylä crew there, and many important points rised up in the conversations. Also a new crew member of Hub Jyväskylä, Henna Rauhala joined the meeting for the first time. Was great to see Elina and Jukka in action and hear their news from Hub London week!

Here are some of the issues discussed, and may the great photos taken by Vilma Väisänen, a friend of Hub Jyväskylä, fulfill the story! Hub Tampere is still in forming process, and users may change the look all time. Their official opening party will be at 19th of March at At Finlaysoninkuja 8, Tampere.

Hub Tampere has opened and is welcoming entrepreneurs on daily basis. Hosts Elina and Jukka went to host induction week in London, and that was a real good investment, they said. Tip for all the Hub-openers is that the induction week should be done as soon as possible when the Hub is seriously forming – because it can be formed with smooth process or with pain and tears when lacking the experience and knowledge about best practices. Handy conversations Elina brought up were about the role of the host, for example.

Hub Helsinki is located still in Aleksanterinkatu 14-16, which is a great central spot for undertaking seriously fun actions, that Helsinki citizens will meet in the streets, in the pubs, in the cars, or where ever they are during this spring.

One topic of the talk was a question about pricing. Helsinki had thought of using only 2 lisences – cheap network membership and team office -rent level lisence for daily users. Tampere has 5 different kind of lisences that cover levels from supporter to unlimited user. Mostly asked lisences are the ones that alow people to use the Hub for 25 hours a month. There was for example a lady called Anne who has her own clinique in central Tampere, but she said that she likes to come to the Hub one day a week to refresh her thinking and network with other entrepreneurs. In the space of Hub Tampere there were people coming and going all day long – about 20 people worked in the space whole time, and visitors & Hub testers popped in all day long.

In Jyväskylä we are about to use similar lisence base as Tampere does since it welcomes many kind of users and guarantees the exchange of people and ideas.

One curious point was also talked after asking the question: ”Who is a person who can join the Hub? This conversation had been strong in the host induction week, where the questions had been: does Hub take in children, retired people, people with different religions, beliefs, backgrounds… And the strong point given by the Hub founders was, that Hub does not say no to anyone. All people are welcome into the Hub when a cool project pops up. Makes sense, yes.

And we agreed about arranging a Bar Camp event for the Hub network of Finland in Tampere at 28th of May starting at 1pm and hosted by Monkey Business Ville Keränen and Tatu Tuohimetsä. Guys accepted the invitation and challenge, and anyone who likes glorious tennis and sharing knowledge without paid speakers can join this anticonference in Tampere. More info to come out soon!

Taking it Hub,




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