What kind of space we want for Hub?

Hub meeting took place in one potential Hub space at Kivääritehdas. First we opened peoples mind with questions about the space and community. Who do you want to find from Hub network? Where do you see the Hub space in Jyväskylä? Radically better world, what is your input? Are you ready to give and get? And many more…

We were talking about what kind of space is the right one and how do we know when we’ve found it. The space needs to feel right, it has to be in the center so you can easily stop by,  it has to be versatile and so different in a good way that you want to show it to your customers and friends. Community makes the feeling and it’s really important that the atmosphere is so good that you can come in with any emotion, either feeling sad or happy.

Rewarding community? We discussed what kind of skills we already have with this group of 13 people and what we need to fulfill it. For example, geek needs more geeks 🙂 organisers, brand builders, realisers and salesman needs people with business expertise, story tellers, content writers etc. And for sure everyone would like to have some legal advice from time to time, so we need a lawyer. Different experts can help each other and make working a little bit easier for everyone. That’s the magic of rewarding community, magic of Hub! What we need right from everyone of you is to think about who do you know? Who do you want to work and play with? Who is a potential Hub member? Are you? Spread the word!

We had a visitor from Hub Tampere, Host Elina came to tell how things are going in Tampere and what kind of co-operation members already have done. Message was that Hub network really works and people are finding each other with the help of host or not. We also have a strong plan to co-operate nationally all Hubs together.

Now it’s time to have a little summer break and get batteries loaded for August. Hub Jyväskylä wishes you all a great summer!


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