Inspiring winter school project @Hub Rio inciativa

This time the post to Hub Jyväskylä blog comes from Brazil, where I’ve lived the past month and will live 2 more. I’m here for the project of starting the the radical Finnish educational innovation Team Academy in Brazil. On the process we try to cooperate with the Hub all time, and last month we were hosting a Team Academy workshop in Hub Rio Escola de Inverno.

Hub Rio Escola de Inverno was such a great success and such an interesting concept, that I wanted to share about it in here and hope that we could do a Hub School at Jyväskylä too. The concept itself reminded me a little bit of our Pop-Up experience with workshops every day, but in Rio the point was really to create an open space with the concept of ”school”. The overall theme of the event was cuidado, care, inspired by Bernardo Toro, a multidisciplinary thinker from Colombia, who’s dedicated to rethinking education in the 21st century. Toro believes that there is no democracy without a quality education, which enables the child to understand the surrounding context. In his speech at TEDx Amazonia Toro was referring to Finnish education saying that by being public and open for anyone it’s making sure that everyone has an equal chance to learn. Thus, Finland places the concept of care in education. I could agree – Finland is carefully building democracy by educating everyone. Our challenge is that the system, being equal for everyone, does not support phenomenally talented individuals to the full. Phenomenal talents are normally the ones who built their own path by combining Finnish education with some years of learning abroad, or the ones who chose a radically different school, like Team Academy or Aalto University.

Hub School in Rio

The school in Rio was co-created by a core team of 12+ people during 5 months. It was the way to launch the project of bringing the Hub to Rio publicly. Results were amazing – moving 200 people to visit the Hub and 3000 people following it’s action online. There were all together 42 paid workshops, 5 free workshops, 2 artistic activities and 2 parties: opening and closing celebrations!

Hub School concept intends to be a business for the organizers as well as for the workshop hosts. Anyone could sign in to host a ws, and there were all time 2 rooms in use for activities. Workshops were run from 9am until 9pm, with a normal length of 3 hours each. Payments were delivered via webpage of Benfeitoria, as well as in cash while entering the school.

The business model was really innovative. You could buy illemited card by 395 reals, up to 10 hours with 25 reals per hour and more than 10 hours with 20 reals per hour. So the 3 hour workshops could cost anything between 1 and 75 reals, depending on your choise. This system was so complicated to me, that I didn’t get it at all at first… I tried to ask several times, what’s the price we need to publish in our workshop flyer for communicating the need of investment with potential participants? ”You have illimited card by 395 reals, up to 10 hours with 25 reals per hour and more than 10 hours with 20 reals per hour”, the core team always replied…and I didn’t know which exact price to pick from that reply!

Just at the day of hosting the workshop I understood how the payment would happen: people with illimited pass would pay the price according to the total hours they all together used, divided by the price they all together paid…which could not be known exactly before the school week would end. Also, by hosting a workshop, you could gain hours to use for free for attending the other workshops. In the end I think that the ”hours to invest on other workshops” was the greatest value you could get by hosting a workshop at Hub Escola. The amount of knowledge in the space during the week was incredible! Imagine the amount of knowledge you can gain when you call out for workshops from the constructive networks… There was Oasis, U-theory, Design Thinking, all kinds of learning games, biodance, singing, start-up lab, Team Academy and whole lot of interesting things that build your understanding of yourself and your possibilities to build a radically better world. Hub Rio team had managed to have agenda full of program for the whole week and even a competition for spots of hosting workshops – admirable result!

The commitment of the organizers and the participants was incredible. I have been co-hosting about 40 workshops around the world, and just a few times faced such a committed participant group as in Hub Rio. It was a beautiful learning of a good partnership – Hub as a partner network for TA seems to add value really, and vice versa. TA spent a month working in Hub SoMa in SanFrancisco last April, and we could realize the possibilities for productive interaction. TA searches for creative spaces all over the world to use in it’s coaching programs. Also the alumni of TA look for places to place their offices at after graduation. Hub offers exactly that, and in this case TA acts as a consumer & customer for the Hub. As it’s core business TA offers education for team entrepreneurship, team leading and team coaching. All these themes are faced by the Hub entrepreneurs when their businesses take off and grow. While working in the Hub, TA is willing to transfer this knowledge to the Hub. The experience in Rio and also the conversations in Hub Sao Paulo have been promising when thinking about the collaborations.

WOW, this was pure inspiration! What do you think? Could we create a Hub Jyväskylä winter school for this winter?

Cheers from Sao Paolo from

Henna Kääriäinen, member of Hub Jyväskylä and Monkey Business


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