Make Jyväskylä better for cyclists!

JYPS Zoning School Wed 13th JUNE 6pm-8pm/ HUB JKL, Gummeruksenk. 9 B 10, 2nd floor

Want to make Jyväskylä a better city for cycling? Join us for the JYPS Zoning School on Wed the 13th of Jun 6pm to 8pm at the HUB Jyväskylä space (Gummeruksenkatu 9 B 10) and join the Jyväskylä Cycling  mailing list.

The Zoning School event is aimed for anyone interested in creating smart traffic ecosystems and citizen action. In the event we will look at how to influence zoning and traffic planning through a few case studies and discussions and influencing city planning.

  • Join the traffic mailing list »
  • Zoning School event on Wed 13.6. at 18-20 (Hub Jyväskylä, Gummeruksenkatu 9 B 10, 2nd floor), sign up by email at antti.poikola [a] or by phone on 044 337 5439.

More information (in Finnish) at


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