How would be ”Jyväskylä Beyond Dreams”?

Today Helsingin Sanomat published an article and review about Hella Hernberg’s new book ”Helsinki Beyond Dreams”(yes the book is in English!). Unfortunately, the article is behind the pay wall, but I attached below two links and quotes to other sources.

The Pop-Up City (Hella Hernberg’s interview):

”As to what’s really special in Helsinki — some examples. Ravintolapäivä (Restaurant Day — an event where anyone can open up a restaurant for a day) is a powerful example as the concept has already spread to different cities around the world within a year. It also shows the power of social media and how it helps with organizing the crowds into common activity. I’ve been talking for example with American and British colleagues, who were quite doubtful that this event could be successful in those countries. Maybe there is something rooted in Finnish culture of trust and the tradition of community effort.”

Open Source Cities (book review):

”This book is for anyone interested in making cities better places to live – for citizens, designers, decision makers and planners alike. Embedded in inspiring stories by urban activists, thinkers and artists, Helsinki Beyond Dreams presents ideas for better future cities that can be applied anywhere in the world.”


I repeat the title question: How would be ”Jyväskylä Beyond Dreams”?

Related ”beyond dreams” -like urban development projects that HUB Jyväskylä has been involved:


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