Salad Club Oct 2012: Experimentation Culture

Hub Jyväskylä Salad Club

As the Finnish proverb says, ”everything is worth trying once, except your own sister and Finnish folk dance”. We Finns obviously used to be very experimentational, but where are we now?

It seems we need piles of inquiry reports and full funding, before anything gets done. What happened to us? How do we change this around? Come and share your thoughts at the Hub Jyväskylä salad lunch. Let’s improve things together!

Join us for a different lunch hour to share food, stories and a laugh at Hub Jyväskylä’s Salad Club! On Thu 11th of Oct we will be talking about experimentation culture and telling a little bit about our MaaseutuHUB-experiment with Sitra the Finnish Innovation Fund.

Do you have ideas that you would like to experiment with? Bring your ideas to the table and we’ll work with it together.

We are also looking for new projects, so if you are intested in exciting project work with forward-thinking peers, see you there!
Bring along one salad ingredient into the mix. We make the salad together, and all the different ingredients are combined to create the most exciting salad you’ll ever have!
The event is open for everyone. Welcome!

How to get there?

The entrance to the HUB Jyväskylä office is on Gummeruksenkatu, between Krinoliini bridal shop and Flyktmanin kehysliike art shop. Look for a buzzer button that says KSTK/KSEK/HUB.

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