What is HUB JKL?

We all have ideas about how to improve our surroundings, our city, even the world. But collaboration and support structures are needed to help make those ideas into reality.

The Hub Jyväskylä is an open collaborative workspace, where people can work, meet and learn together. The workspace is conveniently located in Kirkkopuisto, the heart of the city, and we offer various types of flexible membership as well as walk-in rates.

Hub Jyväskylä is also an open community of innovators and changemakers. We organise regular meetups and interesting events in Jyväskylä. Check out our events calendar and join us when it suits!

The Hub Jyväskylä hosts are there to help, connect, enable and inspire thinkers and doers. They look after the space as well as the community, so that you can focus on your work or project.

The workspace and our events are open for all, and we accommodate an international crowd in all of our events.



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